Return of Gonzo Gizmos

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A Selection of the Scientific American Book Club

This fresh collection of more than 20 science projects -- from hydrogen fuel cells to computer-controlled radio transmitters -- is perfect for the tireless tinkerer. Innovative activities include taking detailed plant cell photographs through a microscope using a disposable camera; building a rocket engine out of aluminum foil, paper clips, and kitchen matches; and constructing a geodesic dome out of gumdrops and barbecue skewers.

Organized by scientific topic, each chapter includes explanations of the physics, chemistry, biology, or mathematics behind the projects.

Most of the devices can be built using common household products or components available at hardware or electronic stores, and each experiment contains illustrated step-by-step instructions with photographs and diagrams that make construction easy.

No workbench warrior, science teacher, or grown-up geek should be without this idea-filled resource.

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